Two Homes. One Bilingual.

A lot of people are used to the concept of home. Their family, childhood memories and sense of belonging all come within a specific territory and wherever else they may go, it never compares to that warm feeling of home.

Not certain bilinguals though. What happens when you have two homes? What happens when you feel partly at home in one country-partly at home at another and never feel like you fully belong in either?

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Bilingual: Caught Between Two Worlds

The word “bilingual” -surprise surprise- means two languages, two mother-tongues and two worlds that you find yourself struggling between.

You see the guy in the picture right above you smiling with no care in the world while two languages are coming out of him simultaneously? I can guarantee you-as a person who’s everyday life, speech and mind consists of exactly that-it may not be as simple and carefree as it seems.  Continue reading “Bilingual: Caught Between Two Worlds”