Bilinguals: Lost In Translation

The phrase “lost in translation” could not be more relevant to us bilinguals. I don’t know when it started or whether it became famous because of that movie with Scarlett Johansson, but what I do know is this: It describes the bilingual struggle. There are certain (well, many) situations where we find ourselves completely lost in translation.  Continue reading “Bilinguals: Lost In Translation”


Bilingual Brains: Lets Get Science-y

What exactly does it mean to have a bilingual brain? Is our mind different and how? Before continuing on posts about the struggles of being bilingual, lets become even smarter and know exactly how a bilingual brain works and show off to our friends 😉

Continue reading “Bilingual Brains: Lets Get Science-y”

Bilingual: Caught Between Two Worlds

The word “bilingual” -surprise surprise- means two languages, two mother-tongues and two worlds that you find yourself struggling between.

You see the guy in the picture right above you smiling with no care in the world while two languages are coming out of him simultaneously? I can guarantee you-as a person who’s everyday life, speech and mind consists of exactly that-it may not be as simple and carefree as it seems.  Continue reading “Bilingual: Caught Between Two Worlds”