Blog: The everyday struggles of a 22-year old Greek-South African apparently complaining about the privilege of being bilingual and hoping someone out there relates to her.

It’s not all whining though-I have tips and benefits for fellow bilinguals that acknowledge that sometimes “the struggle is real”. 

Me: For anyone wanting a few more details on my life…

I was born in Athens but grew up in Cape Town until the age of 10. I had some initial contact with the Greek language and people when I left so it was very confusing in the beginning when we moved because no 2-year old could understand the gibberish that was coming out of my mouth and I remember finding this very confusing. This problem disappeared rather quickly though because, being very young, it’s extremely easy learning a second language when you’re surrounded by it.

Not only did I learn a second language though-it became my first language-and Greek lagged a little behind. My mom continued to speak to me in Greek and take me to Greek school to never lose touch because they knew we were eventually coming back.

That was the difficult part. Moving when I was 10 and had fallen in love with South Africa and felt it to be my home was horrible and I never let my parents forget it. It took a while to get used to Greece again but when I did and got in touch with my Greek side, I became a jumble of confusion.

Greek and English were equally my mother tongues and the love for the two very different countries confused me in which one was my true home.

Even though I am fully aware that I am very lucky to have 2 cultures, 2 homes and 2 languages inside me-it can be a struggle.

Hence, this blog! 🙂

(Oh and my name is Maria-did I forget to mention it? I’m a girl! )