A Taste of South Africa

Today I am bilingual, half-Greek and half-South African, a mixture of two cultures and a love for them both. Before all that though, I was just South African. South Africa is what I like to call my first true love. It is a part of me and not a lot of people seem to know a lot about it. I decided to post something different today and take you to my first home, giving you a small taste of being Safa (South African).

Now, to start off, check out some South African slang (found in a true South African’s hilarious blog) Β that is so South African I could die:


If you ever find yourself in South Africa (which I absolutely recommend) you will now understand some of its slang and not wonder if the words you’re hearing are in fact English. You will also enjoy South African accents which I’m sorry-I know I may be biased-but are 100% one of the best English accents in my opinion.

Now that you know the slang, lets get to the real reason you’re here: the food. If you’re as obsessed with food as I am, you will want to know what South Africa has to offer. These are two of my favorite South African foods:

  1. KoeksistersΒ (what? desserts are food πŸ˜› )south-african-food-koeksistersThis mouth-watering little bundle of pleasure is one of the traditional South African desserts. The best in my opinion. It’s sticky, very sweet and just delicious. It was my childhood obsession. If you don’t trust me and want to try for yourselves, go ahead!
  2. Biltong (snacks are food too OK? πŸ˜› )south-africa-food-biltong.jpgWhenever I try and give biltong to my non-South African friends, they all look at me like I’m giving them something disgusting-until they try it. So if you’re looking at the screen and wondering why I’m showing you something that doesn’t look as appealing as the koeksisters did, don’t worry. This is South Africa’s most famous snack. It is dried meat and yes it is delicious. I would recommend you have water near by when eating it because a lot of this can make you very thirsty.

If this wasn’t enough for you, there is a lot more South African food you can try.

Last but not least, I want to leave you with a laugh. Trevor Noah (which you probably know by now from the Daily Show) is one of our nation’s prides. Here he is doing a stand-up in London in which he talks about South Africa as well:

Made in South Africa-thank you very much πŸ˜‰

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know if you want an overview of Greece as well. Since South Africa is less “touristy” and famous, I thought a post like this was necessary. If you’d like a post about my second home as well, no problem, just tell me and I’ll make the magic happen! πŸ˜€


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