Bilingual Brains: Lets Get Science-y

What exactly does it mean to have a bilingual brain? Is our mind different and how? Before continuing on posts about the struggles of being bilingual, lets become even smarter and know exactly how a bilingual brain works and show off to our friends 😉

I don’t know about you, but my bilingual mind constantly feels like a half-and-half jumble of confusion. English and Greek are both there all the time so the most comfortable language to express myself in becomes both. Switching languages mid-sentence and not even noticing, dreams that consist of both languages and thoughts that obviously are in both is bilingualism at its peak . Whatever comes naturally and however it comes naturally to express it. Not all words have direct translation.

The problem is when you’re only limited to one language because the person you’re talking to is not bilingual. Sometimes this feels like it needs extra brain power to push the other language aside and there are times when I just freeze at one word.

So how does a bilingual brain work exactly? Based on these experiences and brain muscles that we’re using to limit to one language, it must be in some way different.

So check out this TED video about the benefits of a bilingual brain:

Now, less science-y, check out this guy explaining how our wonderful brains are better than the average ones:

Do you feel smarter already? What type of a bilingual are you? I am a compound bilingual, since having moved to South Africa at the age of two. I developed both languages simultaneously. Did you know bilingual brains potentially help you live longer? I feel better already.


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